Safetysystem for Biogasplant

Biogas warnanlage When operating biogas plants, in addition to process optimization, personal protection and plant safety are of decisive importance. Early detection in the Ex area can prevent damage or contain existing ones.

Since the main hazard in a biogas plant is the risk of explosion, the engine rooms must be monitored with gas warning systems in accordance with the safety rules for biogas plants. The systems used for monitoring must not pose a risk of ignition.

Biogas plants require safety precautions to protect the technicians while they are working. The gas mixture produced by the decomposition of organic material can be toxic and harm technicians. The use of gas warning systems and the correct placement of the sensors on a biogas system reduce explosive and toxic gas hazards.

It is necessary to have the systems used regularly checked for functionality and reliability. Among other things, the response sensitivity and response time, but also the safe switching of the relays is checked. This means that compliance with the requirements (94 / EC, EN50054, EN50057 and safety rules for biogas plants) must be guaranteed by the operator.

In order to guarantee security around the clock, Schütz Messtechnik offers a gas alarm system that can be installed in the entire biogas plant.


  • Your planner selects the right system
  • Schütz sets up the system in advance
  • Your electrician will install according to our specifications
  • The system is put into operation by us. You will receive a log
  • We offer the service and the mandatory annual inspection


The devices must be subjected to regular inspections by trained specialists. The maintenance interval depends on the connected sensors and can be found on the maintenance sticker.

Test gas is to be applied to the sensors. The concentration to be used should trigger the main alarm on the devices. If necessary, the sensors or the evaluation device must be recalibrated. Appropriate controls must ensure that the area around the devices is always clean, accessible and visible.

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