Control of freely laid gas lines on factory premises and in industrial plants

freiverlegte leitungen Numerous industrial and commercial companies are supplied with natural gas from the public network. In contrast to private households, they operate their own extensive pipeline networks or natural gas systems on their premises.

The operators or users of these underground or exposed gas pipes are legally obliged to have their pipes regularly checked by a professional. With the regulations G 614-1 and G 614-2 of the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water Experts), a new classification and evaluation scheme for leaks and defects comes into force.

In contrast to private gas house connections, natural gas systems and pipelines on factory or company premises, provided they are supplied via the public gas network, are treated as energy systems according to the Energy Industry Act (Section 3, No. 15 EnWG). For several years now, they have been subject to the same technical rules and safety requirements as the networks of energy supply companies and network operators. The technical regulations of the DVGW recognized as generally rules of technology must be observed by the Operators (Section 49, Paragraph 2 EnWG).

This classification results in special tasks and duties for industrial and commercial companies. However, numerous industrial and commercial customers are not aware that the regulations and requirements of energy law apply to the natural gas pipeline systems laid on their factory premises. This is especially true when gas supply or gas distribution is not part of the company´s core business.

Test according to G614, exposed gas lines on factory premises (industrial test)

  • The fuel gas lines are generally checked without interrupting operation
  • Check cycles according to the number of leaks, see G614-2
  • Tightness of the detachable, non-detachable connections
  • Condition of the fastenings, the corrosion protection, the color coding, functionality and accessibility of the fittings and other pipeline parts
  • Control of the gas-tight storage of pipe terminations
  • Check the wall and ceiling lead-through
  • Checking the documentation for completeness

Review period correspond to TRGI

The TRGI (G600) applies to gas installations in buildings with operating pressures of up to 1 bar for domestic or comparable use

  • Annual visual inspection, pay particular attention to the smell of gas
  • Usability test every 12 years

The following gas detection devices and gas measuring devices from Schütz Messtechnik can be used for this purpose.
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Gasmessgeraet GMS 4000 Gasmessgeraet GM 5
Gasmessgeraet GM 3100
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