GMS 4000

GasMessgeraet-4000 The device innovation GMS 4000 is the universal device for gas leak detection, network control and gas analysis. With infrared measurement technology, the measuring instrument can determine natural gas and CO2 exactly and without cross-sensitivities. The GMS 4000 detects heavy gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide (optional sensors). In addition, the ethane / propane analysis with data storage of the measurement results is possible.

A Bluetooth interface and a GPS receiver are available. Data storage with the GPS coordinates and the transfer of the data to the PC to document the route are also possible. The device can of course be controlled wirelessly with the tablet PC. With the new lithium-ion batteries, the operating time and reliability of the device are unmatched.

The GMS 4000 offers even higher results accuracy even with changing tasks, as it can be adjusted to the different measuring tasks and changed measuring environments. The device monitors the aspirated volume flow and can adapt to the changed measuring environment and preset, monitor and readjust the volume flow. In addition to reliable measurement results, optimal stability and consistent response times are achieved.

The user is offered maximum maintenance friendliness and maximum availability because the intelligent measuring sensors can be quickly exchanged if necessary without configuration problems. Thanks to the menu navigation in conjunction with the automatic measuring range selection, the GMS 4000 measuring system can be operated easily and safely at any time, even by inexperienced users. All that is required for commissioning is a task in the main menu, e.g. Gas detection, to be selected, and the measuring device then automatically sets sensor selection, measuring range, pump output and alarm message according to a defined program.


GasMessgeraet-4000 The GMS 4000 gas detector and gas concentration measuring device has:

  • Large LCD display with automatic lighting
  • Digital and analog display possible
  • Very simple operation through automatic measuring range and menu control
  • Selective CH4 measurements with clear measurement results
  • Selective CO2 measurements with clear measurement results
  • Electrochemical measurement technology for O2, CO, H2S (optional)
  • Gas analysis during operation ethane and propane from a few ppm
  • Measurement data storage for inspections, gas analysis and individual measurements
  • Data storage with GPS coordinates, date and time
  • Multifunctional uses for gas detection on pipe networks
  • Determination of damage points in drill / probe holes
  • Concentration measurements in pipelines
  • Long operating time thanks to lithium-ion batteries
  • Integrated GPS receiver with data storage
  • Integrated bluetooth interface
  • Free PC software for file transfer
  • Extremely robust for tough practical use
  • Robust and lightweight metal housing (aluminum)
  • Long-term guarantee of 5 years
  • Individual configuration according to customer requirements


The applications are preset to the required alarm level, pump performance, the measuring ranges and sensor systems are selected automatically according to the selected application. The selection functions can easily be changed and adapted to your requirements. Subsequent changes are possible from a PC.

In order to use the device in conjunction with a PC, there is free display and control software for each device (e.g. for a tablet PC). Of course, the optional wireless connection with the Bluetooth interface is available here.

Technical data

Indication Illuminated LCD Display
Alarm Acoustically, optically
Sensors Semicondutor ppm CH4
Infrared sensor Vol.% CH4
Infrared sensor Vol.% CO2
Electrochemical Vol.% O2
Electrochemical ppm CO/H2S
Gas chromatography
Measuring range 1ppm - 2,2 Vol.% CH4
0 - 100 Vol.% CH4
0 - 100 Vol.% CO2
0 - 25 Vol.% O2
0 - 500ppm CO
0 - 100ppm H2S
Gases flammable gases, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide
Calibration Methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, ethane
Operating temperature -20° C up to 40° C
Measurement data memory 25 inspections, 40 individual measurements, 64 gas analyzes
Protection class IP 54
Energy Supply Li Ion Battery
Operating time More than 14 hours
Casing Aluminum, powder-coated
Dimensions 250 x 65 x 120 mm
Gewicht 1500g
Interface serial RS232, Bluetooth, GPS


Contents of delivery

  • GM 4000
  • Carrying case
  • Carrying strap
  • 230V charger
  • Telescopic probe
  • 100 u. dust filter
  • Users manual
  • Certificate


  • 232.060: Car charger cable 12V
  • 203.315: Additional shoulder strap
  • 232.378: Headphones
  • 203.385: Bluetooth adapter
  • G01.753: Software for data storage and device revision
  • G10.400: Carrier with support for tablet
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