Gas Pen 2000 Ex

Article Number: G00.430

GasPen2000 Schütz Messtechnik´s Gas Pen 2000 Ex is the rugged gas detector for every leak! This gas detection device is ideal for leak detection on exposed gas lines and fittings inlcuding those indoors. It can also be used for testing automobile tightness as well as much more. Gas leak detection is particularly problematic on pipe joints with swellable sealants. The leak detection sprays cause the sealing materials to swell and the leak is temporarily sealed again. The GP 2000 Ex avoids these false readings.

  • Simple
  • Light
  • Exact
  • Rugged
  • 2 year guaranty
  • 1 free annual revision
  • ATEX Certified

The GP 2000 Ex is a compact handheld gas detector for accurate use in harsh environments. It can be operated by any user, thanks to its simple one-button system and easy to read analog scale. Together with the rugged metal sensor head and the stable casing, the GP 2000 is a professional leak detector for everyday work.

Technical Specifications

Display 10x LEDs
Alarm acoustic and optic
Measurement Range 10 ppm - 50% UEG Methane
Gas Methane, propane, hydrogen, ethylene
Temperature Range -20 ° C to 40 ° C
Protection Class IP 54
Ex Protection EX ib d IIC T3 Gb, Category II 2G
applicable to Ex Zone 1
Battery 2 x NiCd cells
Operating Time at least 4 hours of continuous use
Weight Approx. 220g
Dimensions 160 x 35 x 20 mm
Swanneck 180mm


Contents of delivery

  • Gas Detection Device GP 2000 Ex
  • Carrying Case
  • 230V Charger
  • Compliance Certificate
  • User Manual
  • Certified Explosion Protection


  • G00.430 - Temp. Class T1, Methane
  • G00.435 - Temp. Class T1, Propane
  • G00.450 - Temp. Class T3, Methane
  • G00.455 - Temp. Class T3, Propane
  • G00.460 - Temp. Class T3, Hydrogen
  • G00.465 - Temp. Class T3, Ethylene


  • 232.033: Car Support
  • 200.609: Test Gas 1 liter 12 bar Sprayhead 1 vol% CH4
  • 201.185: Test Gas Alucan Sampling Valve
  • 232.012: 230 V Charger
  • 232.034: Charging station with 230 V power supply
  • G00.900: Test gas set
  • 232.010: GasPen Sensor Protective Cap
  • 232.014: Leatherette case for GP 2000
  • 232.108: Aerial probe with suction ball
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