Item number G05.000

The device is no longer manufactured. Service and spare parts are still available.

If you wish, you can exchange the device for an LMG-05 with a special discount.

Leckmengenmessgeraet Leak testing and leak measurement of gas systems are part of the daily business for every plumbing and heating technician. For the new installation, as well as for the regular maintenance and inspection of systems and pipelines, a technician needs a reliable and easy-to-use measuring device that is state of the art.

For these diverse tasks, Schütz Messtechnik developed a tailor-made measuring tool that reliably and comprehensively supports the plumbing and heating technician in all work around gas. The leakage measurement device LMG-03 is a pressure measuring device and leak measuring device for carrying out measurements in accordance with The German Gas and Water Administrations (DVGW) Regulations G600, the Technical rule for gas installations and G624, Subsequent sealing of gas lines in gas installations. The load test, the servicability test and the tightness test of an indoor installation are all possible with one device.

The LMG-03 comes with a printer and plenty of memory storage for an easy analysis and comparison of data. The accompanying software is filled with features to assist the gas technician in the processing of the measured data.

This extremely rugged and simple device is housed in a waterproof case, allowing it to be used in a variety of settings.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range 0-10 Liter/Hour
0-200 mbar
0-3 bar
Gas Type Calibrated to methane, air or natural gas
Display Illuminated LCD display and analog bar display
Protection Class IP 54
Temperature Range -10 - 40 ° C
Battery NiMh battery
Operating Time More than 12 hours of continuous use
Dimensions 195 x 100 x 40 mm
Weight 500g


Contents of delivery

  • Pressure and Leak Measurement Device LMG-03
  • Waterproof Carrying Case
  • Charger
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Users Manual
  • 2 year Guarantee


  • 322.034: Adaptor to 7 bar
  • 312.010: Burn Test Adaptor
  • 322.015: Foot pump 4 bar, copmlete
  • 202.802: SW90 Open-end Wrench for Meters
  • 201.512: SW65 Open-end Wrench for Meters
  • 312.083: Regulator Interruptor
  • 232.010: Meter Test Adapter
  • 322.016: Leatherette Case for LMG 03
  • Plugs and Caps also available
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