Testing Stations

With the test stations PS 103 to 403 from Schütz, you can perform, among other things, the sensitivity test (10 ppm) of gas concentration measuring devices for above-ground testing before starting work and after major work interruptions (DVGW G 465-4). You can check the display accuracy of the gas detectors just as easily by connecting different compressed gas cans with the corresponding test gases (1 vol.% - 2.2 vol.% - 100 vol.%) To the test station. However, if you are using several gases continuously, we recommend purchasing one of the larger test stations 203 or 403.

All gases can be connected in 1 liter aluminum pressurized gas cans. The remaining pressure of the bottle is always displayed. If larger quantities of gas are required, a steel pressurized gas cylinder can be connected via an adapter and the pressure reducer. With flow measurement.

PS 103

Article Number: G10.540


Suitable for upto 1 liter alu-can.

Test-gas: 10ppm, 1 Vol.%, 2,2 Vol.%, 100 Vol.% or CO2


  • Connectionhoses
  • Flow-indicators
  • Adjustable needlevalves
  • Manometer
  • Without Stand

PS 203

Item number: 202.780 (without probe test plate)
Item Number: 201.887 (with probe test plate)


Compared to PS 103 andPS 203 this station is analog.
It can take upto 2 x 1 Liter alu-cans.

PS 203 F

Item number: 204.936 (without probe test plate)
Item number: 206.682 (with probe test plate)


The PS203 F can be used to carry out tests of semiconductor measurement systems under control of the test gas humidity. The test gas is humidified in the system. This humidification is regulated via a bypass. The resulting humidification value of the gas is displayed on the humidity measuring device.

PS 403

Item number: 202 779 (without probe test plate)
Item number: 201.862 (with probe test plate)


Compared to PS 103 andPS 203 this tester is analog,
however it can take upto 4 x 1 Liter alu-cans

PS 403 U

Item number: 204.308


Compared to PS 103 andPS 203 this tester is analog,
however it can take upto 4 x 1 Liter alu-cans.

One connection is for vacuumpressure, to show the pump-capacity.
There is no indication for bottle-pressure.

PS 403 US

Artikelnummer: 201.862

ps 403 u schalter

Compared to PS 403 U the testingstation is analog, and has vacuum-meter.
Fitted with toggle-switches inplace of push-buttons, for a permanet gasflow.

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