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Zertifikat DVGW Fachunternehmen 468 2016 2021 Schütz Messtechnik offers a wide array of services to the natural gas related industries. Our vast experience and highly qualified employees ensure a first-class and timely service quality. The members of our team are constantly trained and updated on the latest knowledge.

Schütz Messtechnik has all the required DVGW (German Gas and Water Administration) accreditations, and has been working for many years with a quality management system in the services sector.

Schütz can execute and provide digital revisions of pipeline networks to energy suppliers which use a geographic information system (GIS). The list of current clients includes more than 100 municipal energy supply companies with whom Schütz has enjoyed long and close business relations based on trust.


  • Inspection of underground gas mains including locating, pin-pointing, classifying and sketching damaged spots in compliance with DVGW directives.lso, if desired, with digital plans
  • Inspection of indoor gas mains including registration of verification and inventory
  • Inspection of gas installations on factory premises and in the field of industrial gas applications
  • Measurement of TMB, THT and Sulfur-Free odorant concentrations
  • Inspection and documentation of home installations for functinoality and tightness against leaks
  • Change of gas meters
  • Supply and mounting of home service connection plaques
  • Inspection of signage
  • Measurement and marking of home gas supply pipelines
  • Location and measurement of unknown pipes

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