Maintenance and annual service for gas detection and measuring devices

Wartung der Lecksuchgeräte As everywhere in the technical field, the technical products are subject to wear and tear, which is why testing and maintenance are essential.

According to DVG regulations, the test is divided into three stages

  • Inspection (visual inspection, display test)
  • Check of display accuracy and adjustment
  • Maintenance / repair

Depending on the requirements of the activity, these can only be carried out by differently trained and instructed personnel, here a distinction is made between the expert, the specialist and the instructed person.



Wartung der Lecksuchgeräte The inspection must be carried out by a trained person before starting work.

Scope of the inspection:

  • external device condition including the probe system
  • Function of the battery or battery charge status controls
  • Fresh air values (zero point)
  • Pump control (if available)
  • Control of the suction path including the filters
  • Application-dependent display tests
  • Display accuracy test


The display accuracy test can be carried out by a trained person, the adjustment must be carried out by a specialist. Adjustment is necessary if the tolerance range is exceeded during the display accuracy test. The specialist must be trained.

Maintenance and repair

Wartung der Lecksuchgeräte Maintenance and repairs may only be carried out by a specialist. For the display tests, the various test gases 10 ppm, 1000ppm and 50% of the LEL or the AGW values are used, depending on the application.

During maintenance and repairs at Schütz, the device is always checked with traceable test standards, i.e. test gases certified for gas measuring devices. During this control, compliance with the tolerance ranges is checked and, if necessary, adjusted. Of course, more topics are dealt with. The check of the battery capacity, charging time or pump performance as well as the replacement or checking of the filters is always carried out. If improved or extended software is available, new programming is carried out. At the end of the work, a further test for display accuracy is carried out and a factory certificate is issued.

Annual service

In order to ensure that your gas detection devices and gas measuring devices work properly and that you are always ready for use, we recommend that you send your devices to our service department once a year. Here they are checked for possible damage or malfunctions and recalibrated.

The annual service includes:

  • mechanical control
  • Checking the pump (for GM devices)
  • Functional test
  • Calibration of the measuring ranges with test gases
  • Factory calibration certificate
  • Test sticker (will be issued again
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